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Meet Grandmaster Jin R. Hong

Grand Master Jin R. Hong is a highly experienced 9th Dan black belt in taekwondo with over 40 years of martial arts expertise. He's internationally certified and associated with the US Olympic Committee and Pan-American Games. He's known for his Rhode Island Open tournament and founded the Taekwondo Club at Brown University.

Grand Master Hong has produced over a thousand black belts, emphasizing mental discipline, confidence, balance, and harmony in addition to self-defense. His accolades include recognition as one of the top ten grandmasters in the United States.

Invest In Your Child's Future

As parents, you want the best for your kids. Enrolling them in Taekwondo will equip them with the skills they need to live happy and healthy lives.

In our program your child will learn self defense skills to keep them safe, boost their confidence, increase their focus, make new friends and have a blast.

Give your child the gift of martial arts today by enrolling them for a complimentary trial.


Hear What Families Have To Say About Us

Great place: after school program is absolutely awesome, teaches kids rigorous and consistent structure for homework and activities, yet kind enough for kids to love it.

- Luana Andreianu

My 5 year old son absolutely loves the classes. Professional, respectful & unbelievably friendly. It’s very evident that this business is more than just that, it’s their passion. Highly recommended. Can’t say enough good things.

- Jeff

Great school! They really care about the kids and make it fun. Good progression through the belts, not too strict, not too lenient.

- Samantha Cummiskey


Reserve Your Spot Now

Take the first step towards living a better life


Reserve Your Spot Now

Take the first step towards living a better life


Got Questions? We Have Answers

What are the benefits of martial arts for my child?

Martial arts lessons are an excellent activity for people of all ages and physical abilities. The classes delivered by our professional instructors are one of the best ways for your kids to:

· Get active and boost fitness  

· Relieve stress

· Develop better social skills

· Grow their confidence

· Learn self-defense and de-escalation skills

· Have fun in a caring, vibrant setting.

What Do I Need To Bring For My First Class?

Comfortable sports attire that doesn’t hinder mobility, a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the lesson, and your natural personality are all that’s required for the first class. We’ll do the rest.

I'm not a fan of gym workouts. Will martial arts be the same?

Martial arts training is very different to regular workouts you’ll do in the standard gym. At our martial arts school, we plan out our classes to ensure you burn off those extra calories, relieve some stress and have fun while you’re at it!You’re constantly developing new skills and mastering a range of self-defense techniques. With this type of variety in a supportive group environment, the training remains fresh and exciting. You’ll find yourself wanting more!


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